lordofthecity (lordofthecity) wrote,

What's a typical day for you?

I consider a typical day one in which I am not forced to deal with the exigences of war. Granted, those are becoming rarer as the threats of Mordor encroach on our lands. Still, I welcome the typical days that start at dawn when the palace servants draw back the drapes and bring me my breakfast. I spend the morning with my councillors, guards and spies. I hear war briefs and sign tedious documents, before enjoying a light luncheon with my chief councillor while trying to make sense of what we've heard.

In the afternoon I might take a walk in the garden or perhaps engage in some sword practice to keep my aging bones in shape. Afterwards, I spend a few hours reading in the library before the evening meal. If my sons are in the City we dine together, and I invariably manage to upset them through one of my comments, even those as innocent as inquiring about happenings in Ithilien.


After dinner, I read before going to bed - perhaps some history, perhaps something that tells me of how people live in faraway places. I have always longed to travel, but my duties have kept me close to home. The best tales of Far Harad and even further afield come through their emissaries, but when these are not available I turn to my books.

Sometimes, if my mind refuses to still, I wander back into my study and slip into the hidden camera where waits a glassy eye. And I look into it, and I see things that perhaps I should not see, but that my curiosity cannot resist.

And then I fall into a troubled sleep.

Muse: Denethor II
Fandom: LotR
Word count: 281
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